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Go Taiwan is one of the fastest growing startup to manage ties between people on both sides, India and Taiwan. Go Taiwan is a startup company by MIK Taiwan which has solid footprints into both India and Taiwan since more than a decade, Legality, Safety assurance with experience bridging between India-Taiwan. Go Taiwan is one of the leading professionally managed organizations based in Taiwan. Go Taiwan is recognized for its efficiency, safety with accuracy and sincerity for handling highly motivated and experienced professionals of the industry to understand and serves all the travel partner and corporate organization based across all over the world, who needed such services from Taiwan. Go Taiwan offers highly professional services/consultancy, information to visit, make investment etc.

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We at Go Taiwan understand that the tourism exchange between India and Taiwan holds significant promise, intertwining cultural richness and economic benefits.
India’s diverse heritage and landscapes attract Taiwanese tourists, while Taiwan’s modern cities and natural beauty appeal to Indian travellers. Strengthening these ties not only promotes mutual understanding but also stimulates economic growth through increased tourism spending.

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Taiwan Work Visa

Taiwan has the latest technology and developed IT institutions. Issuance of a Taiwan work visa has allowed several foreign workers to seek employment and work in the country. There are certain benefits that are provided to the Southern Asian countries, including India.

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Go Taiwan is currently serving below mentioned sectors with its acclaimed recruitment services.

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How Can I Extend My Taiwan Work Visa?

To extend your work visa for Taiwan, you first need to have confirmation from the organization you are employed. You can then apply to the National Immigration Agency in Taipei, Taiwan. Once your documents are verified, you will be provided with the extension as per the request. It is important that if you are applying for the extension, you need to apply at least 15 days prior to the expiration of the visa.

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